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Ant Control in Birmingham


In the UK, there are two main types of ants: Pharaoh ants and garden ants. When providing ant pest control services, these are the primary species we deal with. The Pest Master offers a range of services to help deal with Ant Pest Control in Birmingham.

Black Garden Ant: This ant species is common and can cause a lot of problems. They tend to infest and can contaminate food and other food-related products at home, business, or work, making them a major nuisance.

Pharaoh Ant: Indoor environments are where you are likely to come across these ant species that pose a significant threat to safety and health. They build their nests inside cracks and holes of your house, and one such nest can accommodate hundreds of thousands of ants.

An ant’s body can be divided into three parts: the head, thorax, and abdomen. Each part is connected by a narrow waist. Ants also have antennae with an elbow-like joint.

Some types of ants called pharaoh ants have mouthparts that can bite and wings. However, not all of them have wings, and the workers are usually brown or yellow and about 1.5-2mm in size. Male ants are typically longer at around 3mm and are black in colour, but cannot fly. Queen ants are larger at 3.5-5mm long, are black, and have wings that do not work. Once they mate, their wings fall off.

The black worker ant is typically 3.4-5mm in size and has a dark brown colour. In contrast, the queen ant is around 15mm in size and has a mid-brown colour.

Black Ant Control in Birmingham
Black Garden Ant
Ant Control in Birmingham
Pharaoh Ants


Mostly, ants are considered pests because they seek out food and water sources that can cause damage to property. This damage is usually caused by ants scavenging for food inside the premises, digging for soil in gardens or lawns, or damaging items such as wiring and insulation. They will also build nests in walls and ceilings which can harbour other insects or rodents.

The most effective method of controlling ants is to eliminate the colony. This involves trying to locate the nest, using insecticides to kill the adult workers and larvae, and then destroying or removing it. In addition, baiting helps control ant populations by providing food laced with an insecticide that kills them. We recommend using a professional pest control service in Birmingham.

Although black ants cannot damage the structure of your home, they can make any cracks in your property wider. Additionally, they can create unappealing mounds on your lawn. The ants can ruin any sweet or sugary foods you store in your house. They create a scent trail that other ants follow to find your food, which can quickly lead to an infestation in your cupboards.

Ant Pest Control

Having pests in your home, particularly ants, can be frustrating and exhausting. Flying ants, which are more prevalent in the summertime, are especially bothersome. They often construct sizable nests underground. Although ant pest management may be difficult, there are several techniques that can assist you in controlling them. To deal with an ant infestation at home, many people first try using ant powder. However, this method can have negative effects as it may harm non-targeted species and pose a risk to humans and animals.

We advise against attempting to eliminate ants on your own. It is best to contact professionals to handle the ant problem for a more effective and long-lasting treatment.

How We Effectively Get Rid of Ants

At The Pest Master, we use professional-grade gel to control ant colonies effectively. This gel can be injected strategically or placed in bait stations to combat ant infestations. The gel is effective as the ants carry it back to their nest, allowing for targeted treatment at the source of the problem.

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