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Beetle Pest Control in Birmingham


The Pest Master provides affordable and effective beetle control services in the Birmingham to eliminate a wide range of beetle species that could be causing damage to your property. Our insect control services are frequently requested to handle various types of beetles found in Birmingham, such as Woolly Bears, Carpet Beetles, Ground Beetles, Cigarette/Tobacco Beetles, and Biscuit Beetles.

The most commonly dealt with species by our beetle control specialists is the Carpet Beetle, with the Varied Carpet Beetle being the most prevalent. Adult carpet beetles are oval-shaped and typically measure between 1.7mm to 3.5mm in length. They may resemble a cream, grey, and brown ladybird upon closer inspection, but it’s important to note that they are a different species.

Carpet beetles that are fully grown often lay their eggs in old bird nests, household accumulations of fluff, and fabrics found in corners, closets, drawers, and airing cupboards in your home. The larvae of beetles, also known as woolly bears, have a tendency to feed on fabrics, discarded bird feathers, and other forms of fluff before they start searching for new sources of food and causing damage to your property. If you do not deal with these bothersome creatures promptly, they will cause the most damage to your property.

Our pest controllers often encounter the Flour Beetle, which is another common species of beetle found in the UK. Dealing with them can be quite a challenge. The confused flour beetle (Tribolium confusum) is the most commonly found beetle in flour mills and bakeries. The Rust-red flour beetle is a commonly imported pest that tends to infest cereal products such as rice, flour, porridge, oats, and grains.

Cigarette beetles are a common household pest in the UK and are active throughout the year, but are particularly common during autumn and winter. You are likely to find them around your well-stocked pantry because they prefer to lay their eggs on a source of food. When their young ones hatch, these insects have a constant food source. They are also proficient at flying and can be located in dimly lit areas or where the temperature is above 18 degrees Celsius.

Beetle Pest Control in Birmingham
Beetle Pest Control in Birmingham

The Damage Caused By Beetles.

If you don’t treat a beetle infestation, it can easily become a health risk for you and others. This is especially concerning for businesses, as it can become a risk to the public. Beetles can harm your property’s fittings, furnishings, and furniture, and they can also spread diseases. This means that your home, food, and clothing can all become contaminated.

Beetle Control – How to Get Rid of Them

It can be difficult to manage beetles by yourself. The Pest Master provides assistance with beetle control. Our experts are available to offer effective prevention tips and eliminate any beetle infestations. If you are struggling with a beetle infestation, we offer professional treatments that are tailored to address the specific species commonly found in homes and businesses. If you’re unsure about identifying the type of beetle causing issues, don’t worry. When you call our team, we’ll ask for details and quickly identify the pest.

After conducting a pest survey, we can suggest the best treatment for dealing with the issue and provide you with a plan to avoid future incidents.

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