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Rodent Control in Birmingham


Our rodent pest control service in Birmingham helps to treat the black rat (Rattus rattus), the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), and the house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus and Mus musculus). These are commensal rodents that are typically found near people. It’s important to know that the black rat species is not currently a significant pest in the UK and is mainly confined to a few dockside areas.

For a long time, these rodents have been causing problems and have not been successfully controlled despite numerous attempts. This is not surprising because these small, omnivorous creatures are very adaptable and have high reproductive potential. They are also very athletic and have sharp senses. The National Rodent Survey in the UK recently found that commensal rodents are not decreasing.

If there is shelter and a lot of waste food, you will find many mice and rats. The higher the amount of these resources, the more rodents there will be. For example, a pair of mice can produce roughly 2000 offspring each year and a pair of rats can produce around 200. Because these rodents have a gestation period of about 21 days, if nothing is done to control their population, they are likely to reproduce rapidly.


To effectively control rodent pests, you need to use a combination of strategies such as proofing, surveys, sanitation, habitat manipulation and rodent control techniques. But make sure to carry out habitat manipulation, sanitation and proofing after the control techniques to avoid creating neophobic conditions. This can delay bait takes.


To determine the type of rodent and the extent of the infestation, we require a survey. This will enable us to decide on appropriate hygiene and proofing measures, as well as the necessary rodent control techniques. Look out for visible signs such as smear marks and droppings.


Focusing on getting rid of pests only inside the building won’t provide a long-term solution. Rats (brown and black) can enter the house by climbing trees or drain pipes and entering through high openings. Brown rats can burrow or come in through sewers, while young mice can enter through small holes as small as 6mm. To address this, it’s important to use materials that resist rodents to block as many of these points of entry as possible.


To decrease the number of rodents, it’s important to get rid of places where they can hide and breed. Look for areas where they may be hiding and make them inaccessible or eliminate them. Our rodent control services can help you identify these areas, which may include overgrown parts of your garden. If you have any overgrown bushes, hedges, or unkempt grass that needs to be trimmed, or if you need rubbish removed, please contact us. We can schedule an inspection of your property and provide you with a service quote.

Keeping the area around your property well-kept and tidy is a critical part of rodent control in Bimringham.


Proper sanitation is important for your property’s inside and outside areas. You should clean up any food spills or rubbish promptly, including old tyres or tins that can collect rainwater easily. Additionally, cover any skips or refuse bins and fix any water leaks. Disinfecting is also crucial to protect human health and control rodent-borne diseases.


In order to plan an effective treatment for rodents, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of their characteristics. For instance, rats are skilled swimmers and can cover up to half a mile in open water. Additionally, they can stay afloat for up to three days and navigate through sewer lines even against the current.

House mice and roof rats are good examples of rodents that can climb easily. However, there are less agile rodents such as the Norway rat. Rats can also jump up to 3 feet vertically from a standing position and can easily get down.

These creatures are able to survive falls from heights of 50 feet without getting hurt. They will even break through obstacles instead of going around them. Additionally, they can chew through various materials such as aluminium siding, glass, cinderblock, improperly cured concrete, and lead sheathing. These creatures are able to survive for a long time due to their ability to fit through small openings as small as 6mm for mice and 15mm for rats.

These creatures have other sensory abilities that help them adapt well to their environment.


These small beings produce high-pitched sounds in various situations, such as during mating. It remains unclear why they create these sounds.


Although mice and rats have weak eyesight, they have a keen sense of motion detection. However, they can easily notice reflective or light-colored things.


These creatures have a very sensitive palate, enabling them to detect certain chemicals even at very low concentrations, as small as parts-per-million. As a result, they may reject bait that has been contaminated with other chemicals or pesticides. To increase the chances of acceptance and bait effectiveness, it is recommended to use fresh, high-quality grain ingredients.


Rodents rely mostly on smell because this is how they mark pathways and rodents of the opposite sex. Also, it helps them distinguish between strangers and members of their colonies.

If you have any concerns about a possible rodent problem in your property, please contact The Pest Master to discuss our rodent pest control services. We are here to help you and will always provide the best advice to help deal with your rodent control requirements.

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