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Mice Pest Control in Birmingham


The Pest Master provides a comprehensive solution for Mice pest control in Birmingham. In the UK, different types of mice can be found including the House Mouse, Wood Mouse (also called the Field Mouse), Yellow Neck Mouse, and the protected Dormouse. Mice typically eat approximately 3g of food per day, which is about 20% of their body weight. Despite their size, weighing around 15g, they can produce up to 80 droppings per day. Each night, mice consume between 20 and 30 meals. Their daily water intake, which largely depends on the moisture in their food, is usually around 3ml. Mice have a short life expectancy of only 3-4 months. Their gestational period lasts for 3 weeks, and they typically have litters of 4-16 babies. Female mice can become pregnant again as soon as they reach weaning stage after giving birth. Furthermore, they can fit through tiny gaps as narrow as 6mm.

mice pest control birmingham
mouse control birmingham

WHAT DAMAGE CAN MICE Cause to A Property?

Mice’s habit of constantly urinating everywhere they go is their way of leaving a scent trail. They can cause damage by chewing on woodwork, boxes, paper, your plumbing, and almost anything they can get their teeth into. Diseases carried by urine and droppings can contaminate anything mice may have touched. Make sure you wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks when handling these items. We suggest using a powerful disinfectant and disposing of all waste after a rodent infestation.

Mice can cause a variety of damage to properties, including:

  • Chewing through wires and cables which may lead to fires or short circuits.
  • Chewing holes in walls or furniture.
  • Contaminating food by leaving droppings, urine and fur behind.
  • Spreading diseases which are harmful to humans such as salmonella and e-coli.


It is important to think carefully before attempting self-treatment. Misusing rodenticides can result in severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you are acting in accordance with the law. When using rodenticides bought by the general public, it’s important to think about not only the risks to themselves and those around them, but also the possibility of other animals accidentally eating the poison, which can be fatal. This can happen when the rodenticide is not placed properly.

If you are considering using rodenticides or traps indoors, make sure to be aware of the presence of bats and their roosts. Bats are highly protected by UK law, and using traps or rodenticides near them or disturbing them can lead to prosecution and imprisonment.

How Does The Pest Master Control Mice?

Achieving rodent control can be a challenging task as each situation is unique and requires a specific plan of action. The Pest Master conducts an initial survey of the infested site, property, or business before starting any treatment. This approach considers the potential risks to public health and the environment.

Our technicians are qualified to use rodenticides, a type of poison that is specially designed for mice control. We apply the rodenticide into safe and secure bait boxes which are placed in strategic areas around your property. The rodents then consume the poisoned bait, which is ingested slowly over several days, resulting in death.

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